Level Up- 50 minute assembly presentation (Grade 7-12)

This presentation Is about helping students find value in WHO they are, not WHAT they are. Level up is about discovering their character and how to find opportunities in everyday life to grow their skills. In this session Greg shares how his addiction to video games led him to discover how important it is to not waste your life. Greg learned how to see life as an opportunity to grow your personnel character, levelling up at every opportunity and not wasting any of what life has to offer us. In this session Greg talks about the need to challenge oneself to grow, in and outside the classroom. Level up is about helping students take leadership over their lives and helping them understand that every movement matters. There are no do-overs in life and every day is an opportunity to impact the world for good. 

Our aim is to:

-       Show students how to gain a new perspective on life

-       Teach students to seize opportunities

-       Offer skills to break bad habits

-       Demonstrate what it looks like to be resilient

-       Teach creative problem solving skills



The Substance & Syllables Spoken Word Poetry Tour, featuring LA born Propaganda and Canada’s own Poet Reason. This evening will rhythmically challenge your mind and soul as these artists passionately share their poetry. Along with these headlining wordsmiths, each city has amazing guest poets and musicians.

City Line ups:

Propaganda, Poet Reason, Dj J. Reno, Jacee Pines, Promise, Scribe, Veshone, Madgine, Trevor Williams

Calgary and Saskatoon:
Propaganda, Poet Reason, Dj J. Reno, Jacee Pines, Promise, Scribe, Veshone, Chantel Denie

Victoria and New Westminster:
Propaganda, Poet Reason, Dj J. Reno, Promise, Veshone, Chantel Denie, Terrence Richmond