Student's response 

" What was so valuable to me was how genuine and relatable it was. I felt like I wasn't alone."

"Energetic, powerful and filled with love."

"This session has inspired me to show respect to myself and persevere to be in control of my own life." 

"Inspiring, empowering, enlightening, uplifting, encouraging, meaningful, life-changing and powerful."

 "His poems were very heartfelt and well thought out."

"This motivated me to make a difference in community."

"The poetry made sense! I am generally not into poems but they really inspired me."

"His sessions taught me not to be afraid to own up to my skills and abilities."

"His very first poem hit very close to my heart and was inspirational."

"Greg inspired me to take responsibility for my actions and respect myself."

"The examples he used were able to relate with us."

"His poems- effective ways to convey a meaningful message."

"Thank you Greg for reminding us that even when we fail or screw up, we can always get back up because we are fighters!"

"He was open to talk and answer anyone."

"Dropping some real knowledge on us!"

"This session has inspired me to stop being so one tracked minded and stubborn, and to be more respectful."