Dare to hope- 50 minute assembly presentation (Gr. 7-12)

How do we see past the daily struggles that blind us from our true potential?

Hope. A word used everywhere in today’s society; but what does this word mean and how does it impact us in the midst of anxiety, pain and depression? How do we hold on to hope when everything around us seems to be in such chaos? Greg uses his art of poetry and storytelling to share his own battle with pain and loss. After losing his dad to cancer at 11 years old, Greg’s life began to spiral out of control until he was able to learn how to deal with anxiety.

Anxiety is one of the main factors affecting the mental health of students today. Living in a constant state of anxiety brings extremely negative effects on a person’s long-term mental and physical health.

 Dare to Hope, is about discovering the tools needed to persevere through the struggles we face- both big and small. It’s about learning to address the issues that continually try to drag us down and prevent us from thriving.

Our aim is to:

-      Demonstrate how to overcome obstacles

-      Teach students how to deal with stress and anxiety

-      Teach the importance of building a solid community

-      Encourage the importance of voicing your struggles