Canadian-based spoken word artist and arts-educator Greg Denie (AKA Poet Reason) is well known and well-respected for his ability to speak from the heart. It is this heart, in combination with courage and his relationship to personal struggle, that allows him to craft and present poems that are sincere, direct, and always deeply human.

Greg’s poetry and as his career as a motivational speaker, each emphasize the power of personal narrative. As a person who lost his father to cancer at the age of 11, and dealt, subsequently, with the challenges of a single-parent household, Greg is well-acquainted with grief and adversity.

Perhaps this acquaintance with struggle is what gives him the remarkable and necessary ability to create poems of hope. Greg’s poems unfailingly foreground the strength and beauty of the human spirit, and its ability to triumph over obstacles. Importantly, though, the hopefulness and love that finds its way into every one of Greg’s poems is not without genuine merit, or sincere empathy.

As a poet, motivational speaker and arts-educator, Greg Denie is able to foreground his own personal history, his relationship to loss, personal struggle and pain in order to give his poetry and speeches the sense of authenticity, humility and humanity that allows him to connect with audiences all over the world. Greg is a poet and speaker who believes that the power of a well-told, honest story can be a tool for personal and communal transformation.

In so many ways, Greg has devoted his life to cultivating this power within himself, and bearing witness to it in the lives of others. Whether he is telling the story of dealing with personal loss, challenging youth to transform their own struggles into beautiful poetry, or asking them to harness their leadership skills through arts-based expression, everything Greg Denie does, he does with positivity, honesty and faith in the human spirit.

In addition to being a well-respected solo artist and performer, Greg also puts his compassion and leadership  to use as a founding member of Legacy One. Legacy One is a motivational hip-hop crew that use their diverse experiences and talents as MCs, dancers, and graffiti writers to empower students toward their own potential for leadership, imagination, courage and community stewardship. In his role with Legacy One, Greg is able to demonstrate how his own interpretations of the art of Spoken Word can participate alongside the elements of Hip Hop in order to give students and educators a broad and vibrant picture of the ways stories can be told for the benefit of individuals and communities.

In every area of Greg Denie’s creative life and career, his life experience, creativity and enduring faith are used in the service of facilitating communal strength and individual resilience. He is a man whose every creative and intellectual power ultimately serves the social harmony of communities and the empowerment of story-tellers, no matter their chosen mode of expression. For embodying not only the truth of his own stories, but also the life-altering power and diversity of Hip Hop and Spoken Word, Greg Denie is a sought-after performer, facilitator, motivational speaker and community animator.